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[Research Project] National Research Foundation of Korea (Professor Chul-Soo Ye)
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2018-06-01 22:04:01

Professor Chul-Soo Ye was nominated for the three-year (2018.6~2021.5) government research project of Individual Basic Science & Engineering Research Program funded by National Research Foundation of Korea. The title of the project is 'Image registration and image classification using multiple feature information of high resolution multisensor images'. The first objective of this research is to develop a method for image registration between high resolution multisensor images under the condition of geometric and radiometric difference, which is essential process in time series analysis using sub-meter resolution multisensor images. The second objective of this research is to develop image classification method to classify not only representative earth classes such as water, forest and buildings, but also various and detail earth surface properties in high resolution satellite imagery by combining spectral features, geometric features and texture features using composite feature vector.


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