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[International Research] ERDT Sandwich Program (Engr. Michelle V. Japitana)
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2018-06-01 22:54:12

FEU Korea hosts international research internship and research collaboration for a Philippines scholar
by Engr. Michelle V. Japitana

The Far East University has been active in building international collaboration since the year 2008. This time, the university took pride in hosting a Doctor of Engineering student, Engr. Michelle V. Japitana, from the University of San Carlos (Philippines) through a 6-months Laboratory Internship Program (LIP) at FEU's Image and Vision Laboratory of the Department of Aviation and IT Convergence under the supervision of Professor Chul-soo Ye. Engr. Japitana is an Associate Professor of the College of Engineering and Information Technology of the Caraga State University.

The LIP is designed for doctoral students who wish to acquire research and technology exposure and at the same time establish a collaborative research work. Basing on the implemented research studies/ projects and the facility available at the Image and Vision Laboratory and the prolific expertise of Prof. Ye, Engr. Japitana decided to apply for LIP at FEU Korea.

As a visiting research scholar, Engr. Japitana was given full access to the resources and facilities at the Image and Vision Laboratory and is currently working on her research focusing on developing image processing techniques for extracting water bodies from remote sensing datasets by employing computer vision technologies in a C++ platform. The intensive training and profound mentoring of Prof. Ye, who is a practitioner in Remote Sensing and Computer Vision and very well-versed in image processing, has given Engr. Japitana new learnings and significant research results that are equally valuable outcomes in undertaking the LIP and in finishing her dissertation study. 

The LIP was made possible through the Engineering Research and Development for Technology (ERDT) Sandwich Program Funding of the Department of Science and Technology - Philippines. During the 6-months LIP of Engr. Japitana, she was generously housed at the International Dormitory of FEU.


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